Meg Biddle: Classical Ballet

As a former ballet dancer, who traveled the world coaching and developing thousands of students, Eva combines her Pilates technique with Classical Ballet for children and mature clients...

Lynn Archambeault: Certification

Certification Instructions are available to further move teachers into a hands-on corrective perspective and advanced level of muscle pattern dysfunction and compensation study. Each Instructor learns how to approach and personalize client management, especially rehabilitative, so as to be able to design the most effective programs and to ensure safety and prevent straining injusty.

Karen Kramer

Karen Kramer“I have been exercising all my life. However, it was not until I worked out with Eva Kovacs that I finally got the results I’ve always wanted. Working with Eva makes me feel great, exuberant and full of vitality. She takes you and molds you into what your body needs. I am more flexible stronger in my core and have more balance than ever. I highly recommend Eva…Do yourself a favor and call Eva! She’s worth every ounce of your health and money!”

Karen Kramer, Actress & Producer 2011

Cheryll Desberg

20110925034543“The Eva Kovacs Classical Pilates Method has been a motivating force in my physical health, strength and endurance. Her unique teaching blend of Pilates, mixed with ballet and yoga, has improved my body lines, curves and most importantly weight loss that helped me to regain the beauty. I am impressed with her exceptional skills as an instructor and her kind, loving and playful personality. Eva is a real pro!”

Cheryll Desberg, Teacher 2011

Deidre Symons

20110930080000“I love Eva’s classes!!! I feel great and have tons of energy. Pilates really works! If you’re looking for a healthy way to be fit and improve your body– try Eva Kovacs Classical Pilates Studio, there is no one like her to change your energy and your vitality.”

Deidre Symons, Client of 4 years

Erika Boldisar

20110925034645“I’ve learned one thing that has changed my energy and vitality for the rest of my life, and that’s learning Pilates from Eva. She inspires, delivers and got me back into the shape I wanted, and will never want to be without it. You are a super woman…Eva Kovacs!”

Erika Boldisar, European Face Therapist

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