Annie Brown Hulse

"Thank you so much for helping me out Eva. You have really helped my body be in much better condition and also healed my shoulder problem and I know that Pilates is the most intelligent form of exercise!"

Love Annie


"I gotta say, you cannot be in better hands than Eva's. She is the most amazing Pilates teacher, you will ever meet. Also, a lovely person which helps!"


Laurel Pritchett Washam

"Every once in a while if you are lucky someone comes into your life who believes in you and your talents. I have been fortunate to have had 3 such people in my life. The first was my manager who helped me achieve singing success beyond my dreams in So. America,

Returning to the States I was at a loss because my style of music was not yet popular here. I longed to sing the beautiful, melodic, Spanish ballads, French songs and Italian romantics that I had learned and loved while living in South America. It was at this point I met Eva Kovacs, the next greatest influence and mentor in my life.

Eva was, and is, such a beautiful, talented lady, overflowing with energy, style, class, vision, and taste. I immediately felt a close kinship and respect for her on a level I reserve for only a few. Without hesitation, I put myself into her capable, creative hands and learned a lot watching as she used her artistic genius to pull together models, scenery, music and dancers into the most exciting and brilliant fashion events this city has ever seen before or since.

To my delight Eva used me as her 'Chanteuse' in all her shows. She freed me of constraints and allowed me to spread my wings and fly! She has a way of bringing out the best, not only in me, but also in all those she instructs or employs. It was a great loss to us the day she moved to California but her talents had outgrown us. And though many have tried, no one has yet been able to achieve or match her level of modeling professionalism and success."

Laurel Pritchett Washam

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