Lynn Rappaport

Dear Eva,

This is a blast from your past. To help you try to remember me, my name is Lynn Rappaport. Back in 1975-1976 I went by Lynn Grover. For a short time I attended your Indialantic, FL Academy with the aid of your kindness. Your kindness is why I am writing you this letter today.

I was attending Cocoa, FL Community College at the time with no money but grants and tips to help pay for my...

education and living expenses. I often rode my bike from Merritt Island to the beach to attend your classes at your studio On one occasion, in the evening, you gave me a ride home in your convertible Volkswagen, after you put your young children to bed (sons I think).

You believed in me enough that you took me with you to see the President of the Community College, Dr. King whom you knew, to tell him, and I do mean tell him not ask, that some of my grant money should be used to help pay for classes at your academy. I don't recall the President's full name at the time, but when we left his office, he assured me that I could use some of my grant money to pay for classes at yourIndialantic Academy. Although, I never pursued modeling, your gracious deed I've always remembered.

Your example of perseverance showed me that I could do and be anything if I just put my mind to do so. Your gift made me feel special, which in turn was a big boost in my self-confidence. As I was reflecting on this the other day, I looked you up on the Internet and was pleasantly surprised to see that you were not that far away! I now live in California too, Northridge. Funny world we live in sometimes.

I went on to marry a filmmaker and professor of writing and directing. I have three children, 23, 18 and 15. I teach chemistry at a Waldorf school and recently took up beekeeping.

Although a brief moment in time our meeting, your grace and beauty remain an important memory in helping shape who I am today. So, thank you, Eva Kovacs, for being in my life when I most needed someone to be an example of how a woman can be dignified, powerful and beautiful.

With warmth, sincerity and heart felt thanks,

Lynn Rappaport

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