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Each machine is perfected to Classical Pilates Studio with the spirit of Joseph Pilates in mind, his vision and dream for the health of every 'body'. Our Studio is perfected to the Classical Pilates technique in mind, with the spirit of Joseph Pilate’s vision and dream for the health of every “Body”. All the equipment is built for Eva Kovacs Classical Pilates Physical Fitness & Yoga in mind to service health, endurance in achieving an amazing body.

Reformers & Cadillac: Resistance, Controlled movements, muscles lifting against gravity.  REFORMERS are infectious, improves breathing patterns, corrects spinal and pelvic alignment...develops core or deep abdominal muscles along with those muscles closest to the spine...boosts performance...and most of all, it helps prevent injury. For those suffering from Diabetes type I or type II, regular exercise on Pilates Reformer can help control their blood sugar level. Suffering from bone problem or osteoporosis, appropriate exercise on Pilates Reformer can help to improve balance and overall functioning of the body. This goes for those having heart problems...suitable Pilates Reformer exercises can streamline blood flow supply and improve the overall functioning of the body. Physical perfection will reflect in your wonderful statues...Please note...always consult with your physical or medical counselor before exercising.
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Mat Class: If you only do Pilates three to four times a week for just three months it will improve your mood, your body, your attitude, and you will regain an energy you never want to let go. Regardless of how old you are, the crucial part of strength training encompasses the whole body to make you feel so good, that you'll keep it as a life-long practice. If you take my health bait: you'll be in control of your body, not at its mercy!I will be your teaser to reduce fat, strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, agility, posture and balance and burn your abdominal muscles to have you move the impossible! Appointment for body evaluation, please call 818.769-3330

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