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Mark Hanko, Master of International Relations and Economics with Postgraduate degree in International Relations--a Certified Pilates Master Instructor at Eva Kovacs Classical Pilates states: "Health and youthful figure must have backbone control. Pilates Reformer is one of the most vital equipment to revitalize one's body. It will increase obliques and transversus abdominus activation--works your abdominals extra hard--stabilizes the muscles along with the prime movers (main muscle) much more than traditional weight training...Whether you're a beginner, athlete or Pilate's enthusiast, this challenging moving carriage will give you a longer and leaner look...a more well-rounded strength that will empower and inspire you to take your Pilates experience to the next level."

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Its all about breathing and moving more fully--both of which we need to do more often. Over the past half century, our "civilized" lifestyle in the West has become increasingly sedentary; while our bodies, which evolved in nature and were built for action, have not changed one iota in design. Eva's Pilates puts action back into your life---natural, controlled, healthful, fluid, and graceful action....

A Note from Eva


Never in history have more time and money spent to attain physical health. More often than not, it upsets the physical and mental equilibrium of the body.

To understand why and how the more rudimentary underlying principles ...governing the mechanism of the human body works in motion, my Classical Pilates & Physical Fitness will help you to understand how the composition of the body's skeletal framework moves affecting every area of body mass--The range and limitation of proper muscle tension, relaxation—And most importantly, the laws of equilibrium and gravity by learning how to inhale and exhale properly.

As I begin to heighten your body awareness, you will improve your performance in everyday life...Imagine escaping the everyday stress by paying attention to your body speaking to you, which in fact, may speak volumes of its condition. Now, the most common of those is muscle loss. The majority of that muscle loss is due to inactivity! The more inactive we become with age, the less muscle we have--the less muscle we have--the more inactive we become...Thus, over the years, the 2 feed on each other, and our metabolism plummets. With my Classical Pilates Technique, you will learn a philosophy and lifestyle dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, which has gained more audience than any other exercise in the word.

Finally, when you see your physical perfection reflecting in your wonderful statues, you will experience a superior standard of physical fitness! And, that is increasingly necessary to the maintenance of one's life and liberty in the present complex civilization...

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