With 100 trillion cells in our bodies dividing and changing a million cells a second to maintain each DNA, the body can change with lifestyle! DNA does not control your body or predestine to being overweight, ill, sick, weak or anything else, but the majority of health and destiny lies within your own power. Inactivity and lousy nutrition is a down spiral of DNA! Here’s something rad, if DNA were pulled from your body like yarn from a sweater, its length would equal something like 6 times from the sun to Pluto and back…Yikes! That sound like many lifetimes and paradoxes in our DNA! Nonetheless, if the body is used well, intelligently, it can prolong life and health! Pilates is not only a body of light, and not only to bring you in touch with your cells, but it will repair them. It will streamline your hips, buttocks and legs—give greater energy—eliminate waste and toxins from the body—and finally ignite a passion that will bring you into touch with your emotions to enhance YOUR life!

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