• Eva Kovacs: A Model for All

    Eva Kovacs is your best choice for a full transformation in your life. Her life experience along with her unparalleled youth and energy will rewire the channels in your mind, body and spirit!
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    Ever thought of enhancing other peoples's health and life? Become a certified teacher at Eva Kovacs Classical Pilates Studio.
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    Come and drop in for a free trial class. Find out how you like our classes without any commitment. You will definitely want to come back!
  • Individual Attention

    Do you feel you want more out of your practice? Want your exercise to be more precise? At Eva Kovacs Classical Pilates you will get individual attention that will perfect the flow of your exercise and breath as well.
  • First Class Equipment

    At our studio you will get access to state of the art equipment . This will give you the best workout possible with expert teachers working closely with you.
  • Your Health and Wellness Home

    At our studio you won't just work out and go home. Our Wellness Home gives you access to world class nutrition products and expertise, chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist and even an oxygen tank!
  • Eva being interviewed by producers


  • Marc Hanko of Hungary working out with Annabella Fane @ Eva Kovacs

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As a former ballet dancer, who traveled the world coaching and developing thousands of students, Eva combines her Pilates technique with Classical Ballet for children and mature clients...

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  • Tina Knowles works out at Eva Kovacs
  • Meg works out @ evakovacspilates
  • Client testemonials
  • Meg Biddle: Classical Ballet

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